How to Survive Your Husband's Midlife Crisis
How the women of the Midlife Club dealt with their husbands' adultery and other midlife issues.

How to Survive Your Wife's Midlife Crisis
It isn't just men who have major issues at middle age. These husbands were searching for answers after their wives' midlife issues tore their marriages apart.

Journaling through His Midlife Crisis
Journaling through His Midlife Crisis: Redefining Your Life As He Reinvents His - a journaling tool for women.

True Stories of Adultery
What causes a husband or wife to cheat? Can a marriage survive adultery? Stories from betrayers, betrayed and the other man or woman.

‘Midlife Affairs’

Letter From A Betrayed Wife

The following was posted on the Midlife Club Forum. It is reprinted here with permission of the forum member who retains all rights to the contents.

I am Scooter. I am Asshat’s ex-wife. I am writing you for two reasons: 1) to clear up misconceptions that I’ve learned you are under and 2) to use my divorce and devastation as a lesson for others.

The following is my truth, my reality, and my experience.

On September 2011 Asshat stated that he “wanted to stop all the lying” and informed me that he was having an affair with a married women for the last 1.5+ years and had been dating other women casually as well for the last 10 years of our marriage. He requested that I agree to a solution in which he would be more engaged with the family during the week and would visit his “go-go dancing” affair partner every other weekend in Vegas. Although I was told of a mere fraction of his “mini romances,” as he called them at the time, and I was given very few specifics, I told him to leave that day and I filed for divorce 3 weeks later. Not only did I never once consider reconciliation, I would never even knowingly befriend a person like this. More »

Adventures in Infidelity

Author Pamela Druckerman writes: Back when I was a financial journalist, no one asked me if I had ever traded derivatives or shorted a stock. But in my new incarnation as a chronicler of global infidelity, my own experience with the subject seems to be my chief credential. Reviewers of my book, Lust in Translation, have routinely asked what my choice of topic says about my own marriage. More »

Sleeping Around the World

The morning after François Mitterrand’s funeral, a photo showed the late president’s mistress and illegitimate daughter standing by his grave alongside his wife and sons. That tableau has become famous internationally as proof that the French are uniquely tolerant of extramarital affairs. More »


She wrote: Our marriage has been rocky for many years but I never dreamed my husband would suck the life out of me by having a relationship with a 20 something woman. It has now ended but I will never be the same. I started counselling today but feel I can’t get over the pain. More »

His Midlife Affair

After 18 years of marriage, her 41-year-old husband wants a divorce so he can find the passion he’s missing in his marriage. She says his recent affair with a younger woman has left her devastated and him feeling that he’s missing out on experiencing life in a passionate relationship. She wants him to reconsider for their child’s sake because they know they cannot be friends if they divorce. More »


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