There are numerous things that money can buy but there is no amount of money that can buy any one of us more time on this earth. Regardless of who we are or how affluent we are, billionaires or paupers, the “time” given to rich and poor is not negotiable.

At middle age, starting around 40, the reality of time running out, as evidenced by physical aging, the onset of serious illnesses and even the death of family and friends, can start both men and women on a frenetic journey of self-discovery and re-evaluation of their life’s goals.

At midlife, many people try to “make right” what they perceive to be wrong in their lives. It is the time of “correction” before they’re too old to have a choice, too old to care. It is a journey sometimes called a “midlife transition” but more often referred to as a “midlife crisis.”

The Midlife Club originally began as a place of support for women whose husbands were having a midlife crisis and it was known as The Midlife Wives Club. It didn’t take long before men discovered the site and joined the club prompting a name change to The Midlife Club. Members of The Midlife Club now include men and women in crisis as well as men and women dealing with the crisis of a significant other.

The Midlife Club has an active forum and a chat room, both open 24/7. Discussions are ongoing and usually quite intense although there are times that silliness prevails.

Along with the support comes great wisdom as men and women discover their inner strengths while dealing with crisis issues. It is that wisdom that inspired the book How To Survive Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis published by Perigee in 2003 and republished in 2011 by Home & Leisure Publishing, Inc.

Understanding why a person “suddenly” changes, learning not to take their actions personally, and finding forgiveness for their actions, are all part of surviving a spouse’s midlife transition. While we often say someone is having a midlife crisis, it’s more likely that their transition is causing a crisis for those who love them.

If you have found this site while searching for information about midlife crisis, you’re in the right place. We’ve assembled a selection of articles dealing with all aspects of midlife relationships and links to useful sites.

If you’re a woman dealing with your husband’s middle age issues or a man in crisis, be sure to read: HIS Midlife Crisis! We’re often asked if we have a similar article regarding her midlife crisis and, to date, the response is that we have several articles focusing on women’s issues at midlife.

NOTE: While midlife crisis may involve cheating, cheating does not always mean a person is having a midlife crisis. Midlife = middle age. Period. If he’s 28 and cheating, he’s not having a midlife crisis. If he’s 68 and cheating, he’s not having a midlife crisis. If he’s middle-aged and has been a cheater for years, he’s a middle-aged cheater. If he’s middle-aged and cheating for the first time, maybe his cheating is related to midlife issues.

The Midlife Club Forum

The Midlife Club Forum is the heart of the Midlife Club—and it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because members come from around the globe, there is usually always someone online to respond to emergency posts or people chatting in one of the various chat rooms. There is no cost to join but you will have to register in order to read, post, or chat.

Part of the registration process requires that you validate your email address by clicking through a link in the email sent to you when you register. If you use an invalid email address, your registration will fail. If the validation email sent to you gets stopped by spam filters or you have blockers on new emails, you won’t be able to get into the forum.

The forum is provided so that men and women dealing with their own midlife-related issues or the midlife-related issues of their significant other may “network” with each other. Topics discussed can be very personal, intense, and challenging. You won’t always like what you read or agree with what is said or the manner in which it is said. You are encouraged to “take what you need and ignore the rest.”

Please DO NOT use your real name, location, or any details in posts that would enable someone to identify you or a family member. This is an open forum and the vast majority of members are here for the support offered and/or to offer support. Unfortunately, occasionally someone may join for less than supportive reasons. Caution is always the keyword when posting on this or any forum or using a chat room on any site on the Web.

When you join the forum, please take the time to read the “About the Forum” section. Next you’ll want to read some of the current discussions. You’ll discover that there are very few unique situations that members haven’t dealt with already. When you’re comfortable posting, please do.

Welcome to the club… hold on tight, you’re in for a bumpy ride!

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