How to Survive Your Husband's Midlife Crisis
How the women of the Midlife Club dealt with their husbands' adultery and other midlife issues.

How to Survive Your Wife's Midlife Crisis
It isn't just men who have major issues at middle age. These husbands were searching for answers after their wives' midlife issues tore their marriages apart.

Journaling through His Midlife Crisis
Journaling through His Midlife Crisis: Redefining Your Life As He Reinvents His - a journaling tool for women.

True Stories of Adultery
What causes a husband or wife to cheat? Can a marriage survive adultery? Stories from betrayers, betrayed and the other man or woman.



Muslims have a different technique to keep believers from straying: polygamy. If a religious man can’t stick to one wife, perhaps he can stick to four? More »

Maxim #27: Always Hold the Door

You hold the door for her. Period. Whether it’s a car door, hotel door, restaurant door, or train door, and even — brace yourself — whether she’s cute or gross, young or old, single or taken, model or troll. It’s not about scoring points. It’s about chivalry. More »

Be Yourself

Statistics say men lie five times more often than women. (Now ask yourself, is that true, or did I just make it up?) And despite human progress and enlightened times, we’re still slaves to our genes. More »

First Encounters — Not a Time for Fairytales

Everyone puts on a show to impress someone at the beginning of a relationship.  You meet a guy, you feel a connection, and you want the connection to develop into something stronger.  You don’t want him losing interest in you and moving on, so you exaggerate a bit to keep him interested. Guys get that.  It’s only natural. More »

He Likes Me — Doesn't He?

Times have changed. The days of Rhett Butler telling Scarlett O’Hara he didn’t give a damn are long gone. That’s a shame in some ways. At least it made dating simple. Nowadays, guys try to be considerate in an attempt to not hurt your feelings. His miscues make it hard to know whether he’s really into you, just wants to be friends or would love for you to switch phone plans. While words might not be his strong point, his actions are. Keep an eye out for these kinds of behavior. More »


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