She wrote: Our marriage has been rocky for many years but I never dreamed my husband would suck the life out of me by having a relationship with a 20 something woman. It has now ended but I will never be the same. I started counselling today but feel I can’t get over the pain.

At least you acknowledge that the marriage has been having problems for a long time. Unfortunately, unresolved problems will only lead to more problems.

No, you won’t ever be the same. You may learn to forgive but you’ll probably never be able to forget. Counseling is an excellent step in the right direction; be honest with your counselor.

As far as the ongoing marital problems prior to the adultery, has there been any positive progress or is the marriage too far gone to save? It takes two people to repair a broken marriage. Are both of you willing to do whatever it takes?

Some marriages can survive adultery and even grow stronger. Can yours? Do you want it to?

These are just my thoughts. It’s your life, you have to do the work and make the decisions that you feel are right for you. ~ Pat G.