Midlife can be an awesome time for true transformation. I like to use the words “midlife transition” rather than “midlife crisis”. So, the first thing you want to do is to be certain to identify the signs. That way you can use this time of life to become something greater.

Signs of Crisis?

No one symptom or sign exists to absolutely define a midlife crisis. Instead the experience is a combination of feelings, events and body changes that indicate that something is wanting to change. The following is a list of potential symptoms.

  • Looking into the mirror and wondering who that person is.
  • Really want to quit your job, even though it’s A “GOOD” one.
  • The things that used to make you happy now cause depression.
  • Looking to change your religion or philosophy.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Wanting to get into physical shape. (this can happen at any age!)
  • Unexplained anger or annoyance.
  • Wanting to experience new things – like a fast red sports cars, or bungee jumping
  • A change in your musical tastes.
  • Sudden interest in drawing, painting, playing an instrument, writing books or poetry.
  • Getting lots less sleep.
  • Preoccupation with death.
  • Extreme changes in eating habits.
  • Feeling financially trapped.
  • Leaving relationships.
  • Want to make a bigger difference in the world.
  • A desire to teach others or become a healer.
  • Desiring a simpler life.
  • Continually looking back to one’s childhood.
  • Constantly asking yourself: “Where am I going with my life?”

What to Do

These signs should not be seen as an indicator that you are in ‘crisis’ but are a great opportunity to see what can change.

Midlife can be an awesome time if you allow yourself to appreciate all that has been and use the opportunity to make new choices where old ones haven’t served. It doesn’t have to be a crisis — it’s a great opportunity to find new meaning.

And so, I would like to offer a support system to help you find new meaning in Midlife. In fact, I’m all about creating a new Midlife paradigm. I truly believe it can be one of the best times of our life.

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From Dr. Toni LaMotta, Midlife Reinvention Specialist, Award Winning Author, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

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