She said her husband’s grown daughter from a previous marriage has been sending pictures of his grandkids. She’s worried because he’s getting moody and talking about growing old. She’s concerned that he might be starting a midlife crisis.

Here’s what I said:

Does your husband have any other grandchildren or is this the first contact, therefore, the first time he has been called “grandpa?”

It might not seem such a big deal to you, but there are many men who still believe they are only 25 until that “G” word is used and then they look in the mirror and see an old man looking back. This can be the very trigger to push him into full blown “midlife crisis” which he might be experiencing based upon what you have said.

If it is the start of his midlife crisis, and more men than not go through it, you’re in for a bumpy time. Just make sure you have your head on straight and can deal with some off-the-wall stuff from him.

Every man responds differently at this time, so there is no one answer that will help you other than don’t take what he does personally, and be as patient as you can with him and with yourself.

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