There are a lot of people today who are talking about the end of the Mayan calendar which takes place in the year 2012. Some are confusing it with the end of the world. Others are saying, it is the end of the world as we know it. What world are we going to create for ourselves?

Our Personal End-Times

For those who feel that they are on the verge of going through a midlife crisis or are experiencing the emptying nest syndrome or are clearly in a midlife pause or transition, it’s like facing our own personal end of times. We become aware of our own mortality and the end is getting closer every day.

The End of the World as We Know It

Some face the year 2012 with doom and gloom and worry about how it all will end. Some midlifers do the same. The look ahead and see only decline and decay and become frantically worried. Others, embrace their growing wisdom and look ahead to ending all that hasn’t served them well up to now, while choosing how they want life to be in the future. I don’t know about you, but, that’s the category I want to align myself with. I’m seeing midlife as an opportunity for major transformation. No, I’m not becoming something I am not, but I am becoming more of who I really am. And, that’s exciting.

The Bucket List

When I saw the movie, The Bucket List, (a billionaire and a working class mechanic both discover that they have a terminal illnesses and decide to leave the hospital to do everything they ever wanted before they ‘kicked the bucket”), I was encouraged to start writing a list of my own. I come from hearty genes and so I can expect to have another thirty years or so to do whatever I choose. Thirty years! That’s awesome when you think about it. As long as I keep thinking that I can do it in a healthy body (science and my lifestyle are saying YES to that) and a keen mind (longevity studies are showing us how).

I’m finding myself more excited each day about all that is ahead. And, yes, I’m finding it easier to live in the moment and enjoy that too (that’s on my bucket list!) I’ve noticed that my friends who don’t have bucket lists (or dreams or plans for the rest of their lives) are beginning to experience illnesses or depression. I once defined depression as “lack of expression”.

Won’t You Join Me?

The answer to the midlife crisis is to create a bucket list. Yes, it will take time. Yes, you will first have to experience a time of transition. But, I believe that by the year 2012, I’ll be living in a better world than I have ever known. Want to join me?

And so, I would love to have you join me as we stay on track with what we Really want in Midlife. In fact, I’m all about creating a new Midlife paradigm. When you subscribe to my free Reinvent Midlife newsletter, you’ll receive instant access to a special report called, “7 Secrets for Reinventing Midlife from the Inside-Out”. Go now to

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