Midlife crisis symptoms can seem to come out of nowhere. More common for men than women, midlife crisis symptoms can turn your life upside down.

Not sure if you or someone you love is suffering from midlife crisis symptoms? Here’s a list of common midlife crisis symptoms:

1. Impulsive behavior and decisions. Often people suffering through midlife crisis take actions that seem to come out of nowhere. These actions are often related to money and/or career or relationships.

2. Questioning everything. Baby boomers who are hitting midlife often start asking why they’re doing what they do or why they must keep obligations. Often, people live most of their lives living up to other people’s expectations, and when midlife crisis symptoms hit, they start to resent those expectations.

3. Feeling trapped or burdened. Many baby boomers begin to realize that they’ve lived a life that doesn’t suit them. When they make the realization, they often feel powerless to change and they feel stuck.

4. Feeling like time is running out. The biological clock doesn’t just tick for people who want children. It ticks for us all baby boomers. Midlife crisis often includes a feeling that the time required to create what’s wanted in life is running out.

5. Sudden obsession with appearance. When you feel lost about your place in the world, it’s easy to start getting hung up on externals like appearance. Many baby boomers suffering midlife crisis symptoms begin talking about diet, exercise, hair color changes or plastic surgery.

6. Increased reliance on addictive substances. Midlife crisis symptoms can include increased alcohol or food consumption as baby boomers try to fill the void they feel with something that makes them feel good in the moment.

7. Getting lost in the past. Excessive reminiscing about youthful triumphs and pleasures is a common midlife crisis symptom. Many baby boomers disappear into “the good old days” instead of turning their current days into good todays.

8. Depression. Characterized by sleeping more and a general lack of energy, midlife crisis can include mild to severe depression. Midlife crisis symptoms can suck the zest from life.

9. Obsessive thoughts of death. Baby boomers in crisis can get hung up on their own mortality and forget to live.

10. Experimenting with new activities. Many baby boomers start trying new things in midlife as they search for some sense of purpose that’s been missing.

If you or someone you love is experiencing any of these midlife crisis symptoms, take heart. You can find power in the crisis and turn it into triumph.

Experiencing a midlife crisis means you’re not happy with what you have in your life. It’s a process of looking at what you’ve created and thinking about what you want to create. Use this process as a catalyst for getting new results in your life.

The law of attraction says that what you focus on you get. Midlife crisis symptoms bring to the forefront thoughts about what you don’t want. You can use those thoughts to figure out what you do want. Once you figure out what you want, put your focus entirely on those wants.

When you think about the life you want, not the one you used to have or the one you have that you feel trapped in, you begin to pull that life into your reality. Your mind has the power to give you the best of everything in the second half of your life.

Instead of trying to ignore or feeling bad about them, tap into the power of your midlife crisis symptoms.

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