Midlife Crisis Man probably wouldn’t be as popular as Spiderman if he had he was the star of a comic strip or a movie. Who wants to see a man in tights trying to hang onto lost youth? But Midlife Crisis Man plays a big role in many women’s lives.

Are you living with a Midlife Crisis Man?

If the man in your life is showing more than three of the following six male midlife crisis signals, you are sharing your life with a Midlife Crisis Man:

–Impulsive behavior and decisions. A Midlife Crisis Man has a tendency to fly off on tangents (with or without a cape) when it comes to issues of money, career, and/or relationships.

–Complaints of feeling trapped. A Midlife Crisis Man often talks about feeling stuck or powerless.

–Questioning everything. A Midlife Crisis Man will often ask why he’s doing what he’s do or why he must keep obligations.

–Sudden obsession with appearance. A Midlife Crisis Man is hung up on externals like appearance. He is often caught obsessing over his diet, exercise routine, hair, and face.

–Getting lost in the past. A Midlife Crisis Man will excessively reminisce about youthful triumphs and pleasures is a common midlife crisis symptom. He lives in the land of “The Good Old Days.”

–Increased reliance on addictive substances. A Midlife Crisis Man is often seen drinking, eating, smoking, or gambling to excess.

So what do you do if you have a Midlife Crisis Man on your hands?

The reason your guy has turned into an antihero who’s driving you crazy is because he’s got his focus on the past and on what he’s lost or on what he’s afraid of losing. You need to change his focus.

You can turn Midlife Crisis Man into Manifestation Man if you begin engaging your man in conversations about your great future.

Ask him what he would do if he could do anything he wanted. Ask him where he wants to go. Ask him how he wants to feel. Get him thinking about what he wants instead of what he doesn’t want.
This new focus can be like kryptonite to Midlife Crisis Man. It can suck the midlife crisis right out your guy. A new focus on wants has enormous power.

When a man is thinking about the life he wants instead of the one he used to have or the one he feels trapped in, he will begin to pull that new life into his reality. The mind has the power to give your man the best of everything in the second half of his life. This will give you the best of everything too

Instead of worrying about your man when he starts acting strange in midlife, take steps today to do away with Midlife Crisis Man.

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