You are doing sooo well so far! Hang in there, stay committed to the path you’ve chosen and it will get easier with time. I wish it could be an overnight thing, but our hearts just don’t work that way.

If it will help you, think of it this way.

Your life is a tapestry, being woven each and every moment that you live and breathe. It isn’t completed yet… you have more to live and more tapestry will be woven so that, on the day you die, the picture will be complete.

As humans, we want to see the whole picture and to understand what shape it’s taking, but what you need to remember is that we are looking at the back side of the fabric of our lives… and it is being woven from the front.

Have you ever looked at a piece of needlework from the back side of it? The picture is kind of hazy, there are small threads that end and stick out. There are ends of thread that begin a new section. There are new colors added and the design flows along in a seemingly haphazard pattern… until you turn it over. Then the beauty and completeness of the picture is revealed.

Even though you KNOW that there are threads on the back that end abruptly, you can’t see them on the front. On the front side they are woven seamlessly into the whole creation.

Though we don’t see it all now and can’t understand it, we can rest easy knowing that on the day it is completed, we will see the front side of the tapestry of our lives and know how and why it was designed this way. Each tapestry is unique and special.

Right now, you don’t have closure and wish that your other man would talk to you and tell you what he’s thinking and why it’s ending. You want and need his validation that it was ended for good and not for bad and that ending it is the wisest choice for your life.

Rather than wishing and feeling sad, angry or frustrated that you don’t know if ending it is the right path, trust that the tapestry and the weaver know what they are creating and that, when you look back on it from the front side, it will all make sense. The day will come when you WILL be ok with this. The day will come when you WILL know for sure that ending it was the right path to take for your life.

For now, it’s enough to know that you don’t have to know all the answers. You are a tapestry in the hands of a master weaver.

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