He says his wife left home six weeks ago leaving both him and their kids to fend for themselves. Her explanation is that she doesn’t have any complaints, she just doesn’t want to answer to anyone for her time any more. She says she won’t come back unless she finds she made a mistake, and he wonders what the odds are of this happening.

I said:

I hesitate to use the “midlife” word but it’s a possibility. If you want support and more information about female midlife crisis, visit The Midlife Club.

Just as your wife is putting herself first, so must you put yourself first. As difficult as it will be, your needs and the needs of your children should be primary for you right now.

Waiting and hoping will only drive you crazy. Why waste the time you have on this earth waiting for something that may never happen? She’ll either return or she won’t. Putting your life on hold won’t change the end result. There’s a reason you’ve been given this time, find it!

I doubt anyone knows the odds of her returning. I do think she might feel more compelled to get her own life under control if she sees that you aren’t standing still with yours. Good luck.

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