I spoke with six lawyers before I hired one. Five of the six had about the same information and plan, the sixth was just out for bloodsport (and my money, I think). I checked and the facts he gave me were wrong – either he was misinformed or misleading ME.

The guy I hired turned out to be too slow and unresponsive after the sales pitch, and I fired him and hired the seventh guy on my list. He was great! I told him all the details of my situation, he told me what was possible and reasonable, then set about making it happen.

A big retainer is often a sign that they expect to run up huge bills. Get them to detail exactly how much time they expect to be doing what in your situation. You’re their employer, you have a right to know this!

And ask about basic “divorce packages”. A couple lawyers I talked to had a basic package, that most divorces would fit into, for a fixed price. If things went south, you could “order a la carte” for additional services if and when you needed them.

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