Q: My 40, soon to be 41, husband just walked out after 10 years of marriage. I never thought he was the type to do this. None of his reasons made since and I was distraught. Then I fell upon your site and read HIS Midlife crisis and most, if not all my questions were answered. He even stated in a letter that this was not a midlife crisis. I have never logged onto a forum before so could you please give me some instruction and pointers.

A: Once you Register for the forum your request will be reviewed and if approved, you will receive an email with your login name and password along with a link you must click in order to validate your email address. The review process may take several days; do not send duplicate requests as they only slow down the approval process.

Once you are a member of the forum you will be able to change your visible forum ID but you cannot change your login name. DO NOT use your real name as your forum ID. Keep your comments free of names or locations in order to provide anonymity for yourself and family/friends. This is the internet and regardless of the registration requirements for the forum, anyone who wishes to join the forum can. This means spouses, co-workers, family and friends. Only post what you’re comfortable with the “world” reading.

Once you have entered the forum, spend the first several hours reading through posts. You’ll be surprised how similar most stories are. Then, when you’re ready, post your story or post comments to threads started by others. Your story should be started on a new thread.

The forum has a Newcomers Guide as well as forum info that you’ll want to review.

Sorry to see you here. But you’re no longer alone.