Q: ok.. i have been going through some bad time’s with my spouce, he’s 48 and the last couple of mounth’s he has started drinking, very depressed, has pushed me and the kids away, and it’s tearing us apart. he doesnt spend time with us at all. he make’s excuses why we can’t talk, we lost our home two yrs ago and now live in a 5th wheel trailer, he feel’s that it’s his fault, which it isnt, he was laid off. he’s working now and has been, but between the bill’s and his child support. he cant make it. he feel’s like his has let his family down, and he say’s he’s a loser. im scared im gonna loose him.

A: Too many issues here for a quick answer. Join the Midlife Club forum and read, read, read. You’re dealing with the same issues that many members are dealing with. You can learn from their experience and ask for their support.